In 30 MInutes or Less, "Wake Up From Autopilot-Your Life is Waiting"

What's New with Us?

Lots of life transitions going on here.  Like so many of you, we've been busy with back to school transitions.  Alex just started 3rd grade, Zoe started at a (somewhat) new school for Pre-K, Mikey is graduating from high school (and turning 18!), and Ereca and her husband recently moved back to Georgia with their two young children.  Needless to say, we've been focusing a lot of energy on family time!  We are wishing you a feeling of love and appreciation for family and connections as you celebrate whatever chapter of life you find yourself in.  Take time to nourish your relationships.  They are worth the investment!

Interviews/Media Spots

We were guests on The Living Proof Nutrition Show on August 12th.  You can listen to the archived show here:  The Living Proof Nutrition Show

We were also recently asked to film a segment on Detoxifying the Body and Mind on a show called Natural Living with Renee Miller that airs in the Boston area.  We'll keep you updated as to how you can see the show!

This Tuesday we're interviewing Small Business Master Coach for Big Thinkers!, Beverly Boston, on The Dr. Mitch Ergas Radio Show.  She's going to be sharing her tips for growing your business in her show, "In 30 Minutes or Less, Wake Up From Auto-Pilot-Your Life is Waiting!"  You can tune in this Tuesday, August 31 at 10PM EST or catch the archived show after 12am.  The Dr. Mitch Ergas Radio Show

Celebrating Successes

We are so excited about the inspiring stories we're hearing from our clients.  We're loving the results people are getting with our clinically proven program to help you Take Shape for Life. Marvin just reported in that he's lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks, no longer has daily headaches, and no longer takes antacids.  Another client called excitedly to say she's "shopping in my own closet!"  




 Marvin sitting down BEFORE Take Shape for Life  Marvin sitting down 6 weeks into Take Shape for Life--25 Pounds Thinner!

Let us know your success story so that we can share it (anonymously, if you prefer!) so your success can help inspire and motivate others.  

Wishing you Health & Happiness!

Dr. Ergas & Catherine  


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